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Schools in Oakland, like many, if not most, cities across the country reflect the segregation of our neighborhoods more than the demographics of our city.  We believe this reality undermines not only equity but the educational experience of all our children.  Changing this requires changes in the individual choices families make and the policies that determine who gets to choose what schools.  Our enrollment work is designed to work on both these issues with our end goal being schools that reflect the demographics of our City and give every child access to a quality education.  

Building a Community Committed to Integration

Equity Allies is partnering with the Oakland Chapter of the Integrated Schools Network to build a community of parents committed to integrated schools.  Activities include:


  • Each year we host a series of events for families approaching transition years (Kindergarten, 6th, 9th) where they can hear from school leaders and parents.  The goal is to encourage families to explore a broad range of OUSD schools during their enrollment journey.  Listen to recordings from previous year's events.

  • Integrated schools podcast listening events. 

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