We try to be responsive to the issues that are emerging in our school district.  While we participate in many activities, initiatives reflect areas where we are doing sustained work.   We choose our initiatives by agreeing as a leadership team that a particular effort will benefit equity in our district, and by ensuring one of us is passionate and willing to lead that body of work

Equity Fund

The Equity Fund raises resources from the larger Oakland community to support the schools facing the highest stress. There are schools within OUSD that serve large numbers of families impacted by poverty, high proportions of students in special education, are located in high-stress communities, or face internal stresses and challenges.  Our fundraising target is to raise enough resources to provide $10,000 of unrestricted funds to 15 schools.  

Integration & Enrollment

Schools and classrooms that are meaningfully integrated produce better academic and life outcomes for all students.  Our work in this area has two parts:

  • Advocating for new enrollment policies in OUSD that will foster racially and socioeconomically diverse student bodies.

  • Educating and engaging parents at key entry points (kindergarten, 6th and 9th grades) to choose integrated district schools.

Schools & Communities First

The Schools and Communities First ballot measure, expected to be on California's Nov. 2020 ballot would restore $12 Billion per year in funding for schools and community services by ensuring that commercial property is reassessed regularly for tax purposes.  Equity Allies has been working closely with a series of community partners to support mobilization at scale across the Oakland parent community.