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Equity Allies for OUSD is a group of parents and community members who want equity in opportunities, access and outcomes for all children in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) schools.  Our goal is to contribute to a climate where parents across OUSD have opportunities to:

  • Learn about and influence the issues impacting students and families across the district;

  • Take action through an equity lens; and,

  • Reduce and ultimately eliminate inequities in the public education system in Oakland

We are part of the Justice 4 Oakland Students (J4OS) coalition, an umbrella group that coordinates activities between numerous organizations in Oakland working for educational and social justice.  Additionally, we maintain contact and engagement with a range of groups and organizations who organize within low-income communities of color in Oakland and who are creating opportunities to bring Oaklanders together around issues of equitable access and outcomes for our children.  As allies, we are also prepared to mobilize on behalf of J4OS’s calls-to-action as they are issued.


Key Milestones

  • Raised $100,000 from 230+ donors and donated it back to 10 OUSD schools

  • Launched our Equity Fund in September 2018

  • Hosted 2nd Equity Forum in September 2018

  • Launched our website, March 2018

  • Organized within our own school communities to fight against site-based budget cuts to OUSD schools in November / December 2017

  • Co-Sponsored Forum on School Closures in Oakland with OUSD School Board member Shanthi Gonzales

  • Held our first Equity Forum in April 2017, attended by 150+ parents, educators, organizers, students, and community members from across all of Oakland 

  • Began informally meeting in November 2016

Leadership Committee


Nilofer Ahsan

Elinor Buchen

Genie Gratto

Jessica Gray

Rachel Latta

Marin Moran

Jonathan Osler

Yvette White

* Please contact us if you are interested in joining our LC

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