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The Equity Fund raises dollars for OUSD public schools that are working hard to educate despite serving our highest stressed students, being located in communities facing economic and other challenges, and staffed with newer, less experienced teachers.  Our work on the Equity Fund reflects the following beliefs:

  • We need to prioritize funding and resources to our most stressed schools

  • As a larger community we need to invest not just in our own children's school--but in all our children

The Equity Fund provides a small, concrete way for each of us to demonstrate our commitment to equity.  

Equity Index

The Equity Index helps us prioritize the schools facing the highest stress. Ratings are based on the following indictors.

  • Neighborhood Environment: pollution burden, neighborhood level health data, poverty, unemployment and other stressors.

  • Staff Preparedness: Teacher retention, teacher experience

  • Student Demographics: socio-economic burdens, english learner status, disability status.

Detailed Information

Our goal is to make information on the Equity Fund transparent and accessible. Get more information on the equity fund including:​

Have questions that weren't answered above?  Just get in touch.









Get Involved

  • We encourage all donors to reach out and engage their broader networks.  Reach out if you want issue a challenge or host a fund raising event.  

  • Many schools with high fundraising PTAs are contributing to the Equity Fund.  Help us get your school involved.

  • We're looking for parent volunteers to serve as liaisons to our funded schools. Get in touch and we'll tell you more.

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