We are raising $150,000 by May 2020 to donate to 15 OUSD schools, and need your support!




In 2018, we raised $100,000 from over 230 generous individuals, foundations, and school communities, and made ten $10,000 donations from the Equity Fund to the following OUSD schools:

  • ACORN Woodland Elementary

  • East Oakland PRIDE Elementary

  • EnCompass Academy

  • Futures Elementary

  • Garfield Elementary

  • Madison Park Academy TK-5

  • Manzanita Community School

  • Markham Elementary

  • MLK/Lafayette Elementary

  • RISE Elementary


These are schools within our district that serve large numbers of families impacted by poverty, a greater proportion of students in special education, are located in high-stress communities, and face internal challenges such as having many new teachers.


We developed an Equity Index that was used to determine which schools received funding. You can read more about the Equity Index here. We welcome your feedback about how to strengthen the Equity Index for the next round of fundraising/donations. 

The map below shows the location of the local supporters who gave in our first year:















Equity Fund FAQ

How DID the 2018 Equity fund Schools Use the donations?

Our 10 partner schools used their Equity Funds for a wide variety of projects. These included: sending busses of students to Cal Day at UC Berkeley; buying Chromebooks; providing teachers with small supply budgets; hosting end-of-year celebrations for students and families; purchasing school uniforms for students whose families could not afford them; updating classroom libraries; participating in teacher appreciation week; providing professional development for staff on standards-based instruction; and so much more! 

What's the Current Status of Donations equity fund?

Donors will receive periodic email update about the status of our fundraising goals, donations made to OUSD schools, and information about supporting the schools beyond financial contributions.  We continue to stay in touch with schools that have received funds in order to provide donors with photos and details about the impact these donations had on students.

where IS the money held?

All donations are held at the Oakland Public Education Fund, the nonprofit Fiscal Sponsor of the Equity Fund, which is offering pro-bono support in order to significantly reduce their standard fiscal management fee.  Their existing infrastructure allows for smooth and swift disbursement of funds raised.  The Equity Fund will only be donating back to OUSD-operated schools.

what is the difference between the equity fund and the A-to-Z Fund?

Both of these projects provide financial support to Oakland schools, and both are housed at the Oakland Ed Fund. The A-Z Fund makes mini-grants generally in the area of $500-$1500 to teachers and staff who have submitted applications for particular projects, and are awarded to both OUSD district or charter schools. The Equity Fund aims to make larger grants of $5-10K per school site (only to OUSD schools), and funds are disbursed based on data about stressors to a school community. The Equity Fund will also offer to organize additional support for the school.

is the equity fund really going to advance equity?

We recognize that the Equity Fund is addressing problems that are caused by deeply inequitable policies and practices that play out at the school, neighborhood, city, and statewide levels.  Raising and donating money will not address the systems that concentrate resources, opportunities, and power within a small subset of school communities. That is why we, like so many of you, are and will remain active on many other fronts. But in the short term, many of our schools need more resources to care for the hearts and minds of our children, and we see the Equity Fund as one of many strategies to create a more equitable public education system.





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