Equity fund Status

We closed fund raising for the 2019-2020 school year at the end of May.  We were able to raise $100,000 which we disbursed in $5,000 grants to 20 schools.  This was less than our initial $150,000 goal and more than our originally projected 15 schools.  We felt that,given the stress of the pandemic, the fact that a number of school PTAs who had been projected to contribute were not able to make the projected contributions and the significant need faced by so many schools in our district that these changes made sense.  

Funds are available to used flexibly by the 20 schools--including flexibility to use funds for individual staff or family support.  All additional donations received beyond our $100,000 goal are being rolled over into fund raising for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Thank you to all who donated.

Funded Schools

  • Futures Elementary/Community United

  • Markham Elementary

  • Manzanita Community School

  • New Highland Academy

  • RISE Community School

  • Sankofa Academy

  • East Oakland PRIDE Elementary

  • Howard Elementary

  • Martin Luther King Jr Elementary

  • PLACE @ Prescott

  • Fred T. Korematsu Discovery Academy

  • Reach Academy

  • Think College Now

  • ACORN Woodland Elementary

  • Madison Park Academy TK-5

  • Allendale Elementary

  • EnCompass Academy

  • Horace Mann Elementary

  • Garfield Elementary

  • Fruitvale Elementary