Get Involved

There are many ways to be involved with our work depending on your interests, passion and time.  


Stay Informed:

Join our mailing list to stay up to date on our work and receive calls to action on the issues impacting our schools.  We use our list carefully so don't worry that you will get flooded with e-mails and we don't share it with others.

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Take Action:

Making change happen requires us all to take action.  This might involve a quick note to an elected official, showing up at a meeting, or signing a petition.  Often these things take just a moment of time.  Find out more about the policies we're supporting and the actions you can take.  

Support an Initiative:

We're an all volunteer group and need help to keep our efforts going. Find out more  

about our initiatives and let us know if you are interested in helping out in any of the following ways:

Equity Fund

  • Hosting a fund raising event. 

  • Soliciting your PTA to contribute to the equity fund.

  • Serving as a liaison to a funded school.


  • Mobilize friends, family or parents at your school to respond on an emerging issue.

  • Track a policy issue 

  • Offer to attend and take notes at an upcoming board meeting.

  • Serve as the Schools and Communities First organizing lead in your school


  • Help out with an upcoming event. We always need help with event planning, from marketing events, flyer creation to day-of logistics. 

  • Create an equity group at your school site. Need help? Reach out and we are happy to connect you with other school leaders who are engaged in this work. 

  • Give/receive technical assistance on PTA support to/from emerging PTAs and parent groups. This can include everything from writing bylaws to working to get a walk-a-thon off the ground at a school site. Reach out and we can connect you to parent leaders who are engaged in this work. 

Interested?  Send us an e-mail at