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OUSD Board Policy 6006

June 26, 2018

Read our letter to the OUSD Board about BP 6006.

Read our suggested amendments to BP 6006.


Suggested Talking Points to Board Members

We suggest that Board members should only support a Board Policy 6006 that:

  • Creates a district and charter school shared, city-wide framework for school quality with clear metrics to assess both outcomes (e.g. graduation rates, test scores); policies and practices (e.g. suspensions, expulsions); and external factors influencing the school (e.g. student poverty rate, neighborhood conditions).

  • Ensure charter schools commit to demonstrating school effectiveness by acting upon these metrics as a requirement for authorization and renewal.

  • Develop systems to examine charter recruitment, enrollment, access barriers and any push-out practices used to exclude students.

  • Explicitly state how OUSD will use existing levers as an authorizer, landlord and partner to eliminate charter schools that fail to serve similar proportions of high needs students as OUSD schools. This includes students with disabilities, English Language Learners, foster youth, low income students, unhoused students and students of color, including all the way that those categories intersect, and the full spectrum of need that is present in each of these categories.

  • Hold charter schools accountable for how they will innovate the district as a whole by explicitly developing collaboration strategies with district schools


  • Hold OUSD and charter schools accountable for transparent governance

Read our letter to the OUSD Board about BP 6006.

Read our suggested amendments to BP 6006.

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